TEXCAZ is a licensed MGA and is registered with the appropriate regulatory

TEXCAZ is a specialized  organization with a unique focus on transborder
insurance operations. Our program provides high quality insurance services to
Mexican-registered vehicles while they transit in the USA.

Insurance coverages offered through our highly qualified appointed Mexican
insurance agents comply with requirements, laws, and regulations at both the
state and federal evels in the United States of America.  And our insurance
company partners are duly authorized and have solid financial positions.
About Us
The TEXCAZ executive team  boasts of over 100 years of combined international insurance
experience, and is unconditionally committed to provide the insured with all the required services in
the USA.

In Mexico, we provide customer service through highly selected professional insurance agents, each
of whom is deeply experienced in the area of transborder vehicle insurance needs. Our program only
operates through these licensed agents, and services are provided through their well-trained
employees and properly equipped offices in the community where the insured resides.
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